Analyst-Friendly Security

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What Is Perseus?

“Although technical solutions exist that can make detection easier, the best remedy is to build a team of highly experienced and proficient staff members who can analyze the precursors and indicators effectively and efficiently and take appropriate actions”

NIST Computer Security Incident Handling Guide

Security analysts are the most important piece of a successful security model. They allow an organization to dramatically improve its security posture without impacting end-users. But budget limitations, talent shortages, and high analyst turnover make it difficult to adequately staff a security team. An organization must leverage its security talent to maximum effect by providing them with tools that set them up for success.

Perseus is an analyst-friendly, agentless security technology that helps analysts be more efficient and effective.

Why Perseus?

Through its focus on providing analyst-friendly security capabilities, Perseus is able to deliver substantial benefits to analysts, management, and the IT help desk.

Security Analysts

- Save Time
- Reduce Stress
- Do What You Love

Security Management

- Detect Undiscovered Malware
- Improve Triaging of Incidents
- Increase Analyst Efficiency

IT Help Desk

- Identify Infected Endpoints
- Enhance End-User Experience
- Automate Remediation

What Makes A Security Technology "Analyst-Friendly"?

Perseus is developed by former incident responders who understand that an analyst-friendly security tool:

– Must, above all, save analysts time
– Must take minutes to setup, not days
– Cannot require logging into yet another pane of glass
– Cannot require installing yet another agent

How Does Perseus Work?

Perseus turns a key capability of malware into its weakness: malicious persistence (the ability for malware to survive the reboot of a computer). Perseus is designed to be the most effective technology for the detection, visualization, and remediation of persistent malware. It integrates with your existing security technologies to acquire the data necessary to perform its analysis, eliminating the need to deploy yet another agent.

Perseus is unique in that it provides this critical persistence information to analysts before they begin their investigation. This has a profound impact on the triage and investigation process. But the impact Perseus makes is better shown than told. See for yourself by scheduling a 15 minute demo. We show how taking less than an hour to setup Perseus can save you hours of time. Or request a copy of our technical whitepaper.